Whether you have finished a home improvement project or you are transitioning your construction site to a homestead, Itadada offers a variety of services and programs that can conquer all your post construction needs.

Whether it’s a quick tidying up or a more detailed, thorough deep clean, our cleaning pros have the experience, tools, and processes that will leave your home looking like nothing ever happened.

A few of our services include:

  • Remove dust, dirt, smudges, and scuffs from walls
  • Dust all surfaces, woodwork, and fixtures, including ceiling fans
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and door frames
  • Clean interior masonry
  • Remove stickers from windows and glass
  • Clean window blinds, inside cabinets, and inside closets

Itadada deep cleaning and decontamination service, a convenient and effective way of giving business owners the confidence that their areas will be clean and safe for staff and customers.

Our decontamination cleaning services provide a hands-on approach that disinfects and kills viruses and germs on high-touch and hard surfaces in businesses, offices, malls, supermarkets, schools, government buildings, hotels and public transports, helping minimize the invisible threats that can linger in these spaces.

The key areas include:

  • Door handles
  • Supermarket trollies and baskets
  • Cash-points
  • Petrol pumps
  • Rubbish bins
  • Kitchen and dining surfaces
  • Taps, kettles
  • Toilet flush handles or buttons
  • Stair rails, handrails, grab handles and grab rails
  • Recycling areas
  • Vehicles

No matter how big your event is, corporate events to largest festivals, our event cleaners are there to help! Whether your event is a national trade show, music festival, wedding venue, corporate hospitality, conference or sporting event, Itadada has the expertise to ensure that your venue is back to normal shortly after your event has ended.

We provide professional, uniformed event cleaners for small, medium and large-scale event cleaning before, during and after the event.